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Voters show up in person for pandemic primary

Voting in the 2020 primary was different than any other we've experienced before amidst a pandemic.

LEHMAN, Pa. — Voters lined up outside Lake-Lehman High School, waiting to go inside to cast their votes in the 2020 Primary Election.

Although many had to wait their turn, poll worker Seth Gollhardt says voter turnout was low.

"A very low turnout which I expected that based on all the people that mailed in their ballots," explained Golhardt.

Many of the people here, though, said mailing in their votes for this election wasn't something they were comfortable with.

"I always like to vote in person, because I feel like my vote is really counted. At my home at Harveys Lake, I received three mail-in ballots and the first one I got, I said to my husband I read stuff online, I am just afraid of voter fraud," said Judi Shaver.

Some Luzerne County voters tell Newswatch 16 they came here to the Cross Creek Community Church in Kingston Township to vote specifically for candidates in the 8th Congressional District race.

"I like Bognet, so I voted for Bognet," said Tony Ciciani of Dallas.

Ciciani echoed the opinions of many, saying he thinks voting in person is the safer option.

"A little bit more secure than just putting it in the mailbox because really, you don't know where it goes, does it go to the courthouse, or you know? I just don't know. I felt more secure because I filled this out, and I know she's in," added Ciciani.

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