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Teachers greet students one last time at parade

The parade came on the same day the Governor closed all schools through the end of the academic year.

PITTSTON, Pa. — Even though Governor Tom Wolf ordered all schools in the state to stay closed through the end of the academic year, some teachers were able to say hello to their students in person one more time.

Teachers from the Martin L. Mattei Middle School kept a safe distance by parading through town and waving to students. 

It was originally just to boost spirits during Passover and before Easter. 

However, the Governor's decision to close all schools through the end of the school year made it even more meaningful.

With horns honking, hands waving, and bright decorations blowing in the wind, teachers from the Martin L. Mattei Middle School paraded through the district. 

They brought some cheer to Pittston Area students stuck at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

"We miss them so much, and we know they miss us, so we thought, what is the best way to see them? Let's drive around," Middle school teacher Tiffany Ferentino said.

"There's 1,100 students in this school, and these teachers are missing all 1,100 students on a daily basis," Principal Patrick Bilbow said.

"I was totally beside myself," Teacher Bridget Brogan said. "It was a very difficult day, and this is even going to boost all of our spirits today, and I am amazed with the outpouring of love from our Pittston area family."

About 40 teachers participated, along with local police and fire departments.

Parents and students waved from their doorsteps.

The last time students were able to see their teachers in-person was in Mid-March.

"They basically raise them with us. They are probably just as devastated as we are, you know what I mean? It's like that's their wholes lives," parent Samatha Burgio said.

Fifth-grader Vincent Burgio was happy to greet his teachers.

"They are so nice to me," Vincent said.

Teachers from the middle school are still chatting with students and teaching online, but they said Thursday afternoon's experience will help carry them through the rest of the school year.

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