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Sweet Treats for Mother’s Day

HAZLETON, Pa. — If your mom isn’t a fan of flowers, why not get her a Mother’s Day cake instead? Carmen’s Bakery on East Broad Street in...

HAZLETON, Pa. -- If your mom isn't a fan of flowers, why not get her a Mother's Day cake instead?

Carmen's Bakery on East Broad Street in Hazleton is always the busiest the day before Mother's Day.

"It is," bakery manager Ann Marie Delese said. "It's right off of Easter. Mother's Day is our next holiday and we're busy. Very busy selling cookies and cakes, small pastries and what not."

The bakery has been in business for years. Delese manages it. She said cakes are among some of the most popular items she sells for Mother's Day.

"I guess moms like sweet stuff and it's a good thing," Delese said. "It always goes well."

Mother's we spoke with say they are definitely guilty of having a sweet tooth.

"I think all mothers like that little bit of dessert after they cook the meal, because most mothers cook the Mother's Day meal themselves," Sharon Turse of Hazleton said. "Then they have the dessert that's purchased at Carmen's or any other bakery in Hazleton."

The manager of Carmen's said you can't forget about the guys. She says she'll be just as busy for Father's Day next month.