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Students Compete in Anti-littering Sign Campaign

HANOVER TOWNSHIP, Pa. — “Don’t litter, think better” is one of the ideas Amelia Joubert and other students at Hanover Area High School h...

HANOVER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- "Don't litter, think better" is one of the ideas Amelia Joubert and other students at Hanover Area High School have for an anti-littering yard sign slogan.

"Obviously it's an anti-littering campaign, and if you think about it for so many different reasons, it's a better idea not to litter. It's better to wait and find a better and proper way to dispose of whatever you have," said Amelia Joubert.

These students are working on designs for the Pick Up NEPA Anti-Littering Awareness Contest for schools sponsored by Visit Luzerne County.

They say it wasn't hard finding inspiration to enter the contest.

"There's so much garbage. So, I just want to help out and get it better, like where we live. Because this is our place to live in and I just want to make it more comfier and more cleaner," said Juliana Garcia.

But trying to convey their passion on a sign that can be read quickly by passers-by has been a challenge

"They are probably going to be seeing them around school or on the sides of roads on all streets. So they're probably just going to be driving by looking around, and they're going to see them and probably think alright maybe I shouldn't throw that out the window or something," said Alicia Orzechowski.

Hanover Area is not the only school entering submissions in the contest. Folks with the Luzerne County Visitors Bureau tell Newswatch 16 schools from all over the county are involved.

"Wilkes-Barre School District is, Wyoming Seminary, some of the independent schools are. So, we expect a lot of different submissions by the time the deadline appears," said Theodore Wampole, Visit Luzerne County.

"I think it's a great idea because usually adults if they have the habit then it's hard for them to stop, but if we teach the kids young at school then they're more than likely not to litter as they get older and then through generations I like the rate will eventually be a lot lower," said Joubert.

The deadline for the contest is January 31.

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