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Spring snow in Luzerne County

The spring snowstorm is wreaking havoc across our area Tuesday morning, including the Freeland area.

FREELAND, Pa. — Snow-covered roads made things slippery for drivers in Luzerne County Tuesday morning.

People in Freeland woke up to springtime buds on trees covered in snow.

And there was a lot of noise – the unmistakable sound of a snowplow scraping the pavement and the howling wind that blew that new snow all over the place.

Ray Morel said it sounded like a blizzard just after midnight, and it forced a trip to find his snow fighting gear.

"I got to go to the basement and get everything because I thought we're not to going to get any more snow, but you see, we have it," he laughed.

Lorne Rish is in charge of keeping the Freeland streets clear.

"It's always bad in Freeland. It don't matter. This always comes and goes."

The springtime street sweeping program was interrupted, but it's just another day in his department.

Rich Gortva saw this coming. He looked at the long-range forecast and put the snow plow back on his pickup truck three days ago. Still, it was a dicey day.

"Miserable. It's all slippery," Gorvta said. "It's all wet, and the roads are all slippery."

The overnight snow just didn't take a toll on your back. It just didn't take a toll on your budget. It did have an impact on your emotions. Just ask Gene Dellacroce. He had the back-breaking task of getting rid of inches of heavy wet snow from the sidewalk in front of his Centre Street home.

"April snow is not unusual, so, but it is depressing? Yes, but it is depressing, but we'll get 50 tomorrow, and it's gone."

Then, springtime returns to Freeland and the rest of our area.

Thousands are also without power across the area Tuesday.

For the most up-to-date information on the outage, check out these outage maps:

Important links:

Check out the winter weather safety tips from WNEP's Youtube page.   

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