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Snow brings hope for boost in ski business

A ski shop owner in Wilkes-Barre says snow brings new people to the winter sport.

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. — It was wet on the streets of Wilkes-Barre on Monday, but snow elsewhere is driving folks through the door at Top of the Slope Ski Shop on South Main Street.

"When it snows, it gives that extra push," explained store owner Michael Miscavage, who says the lack of snow creates a lull in business.

"Maybe a little bit. I mean, because you don't need a new jacket when it's a warmer temperature out."

But it's primarily because there are not many new skiers coming into the store.

"Certainly, yeah," said Miscavage. "More snow just brings more of that beginner skier in or someone who may be looking to get into skiing. If they don't see the snow sometimes, they think there's no skiing. But all the diehards know they make snow."

The shop owner tells Newswatch 16 that no matter the weather, the diehard skiers and snowboarders are still coming to the shop, and this year in particular, they're interested in equipment upgrades.

"A lot of people coming in for new skis, new boots for sure. Snowboarders are also updating their gear," explained Miscavage.

Despite the lack of snow here, Miscavage says his bus trips to ski destinations in New York are doing very well.

"We just did a Hunter Mountain bus trip last week. We had a full bus; it was a great time. We have another trip going. We're going to a place called Bel Air on February 15. Tickets are $125. You get on the bus and have a good time."

You can find out more about the ski trip by clicking here.

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