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Shopping small for the holidays in Luzerne County

Small Business Saturday was in full swing in Pittston as folks shopped locally during the holiday season.

PITTSTON, Pa. — 'Shop small' is the message for folks driving through downtown Pittston, especially on the nationally recognized Small Business Saturday.

"It's definitely important to support your small businesses; we're helping the economy; we're creating jobs in the area. It's just a great thing for the community to come together and be able to do a big event like small business Saturday," said Brittney Eramo, Grace & Park.

Brittney Eramo's Grace & Park has been open on Main Street in Pittston for a little less than a month but says it's local support that's allowed her business to grow.

"Right exactly, so I started out as an online business, and with the help from the community, I've really been able to expand my business into the brick-and-mortar that it is now. I love supporting all the other businesses down on Main Street. We are such a great community feel, yeah, so basically, treat every Saturday like it's 'Small Business Saturday,' and it would be amazing," said Eramo.

The ladies at Ah Baby! & Co., also on Main Street, agrees, "Right, so your small businesses in your brick-and-mortar shops kind of represent the heart in the character of a city, and I think they really keep the heart and character of the community alive, and these businesses are run by people, a part of this area and part of this neighborhood, and it really just sets you know each individual small city or town apart and especially their businesses," said Kate Sikura, Ah Baby! & Co.

For small businesses that don't have a brick-and-mortar location yet, The Salt Barre, on Kennedy Boulevard inside the waterfront warehouse, offered up space in and around the exercise studio this 'Small Business Saturday' for them to set up shop to give shoppers an opportunity to get acquainted with crafters and entrepreneurs operating right in their back yard.

"Oh, it's amazing. It's the first time I ever got to do one of these pop-up shops, so it's great for someone that's just getting into a small business so it's been all like, I would always be forever grateful for The Salt Bar, and it's just been very welcoming, so I hope to do more of these in the upcoming future," said Miranda Dunkailo, Glitzy Sugar Baked Goods.

Small business owners say economy aside, another reason to shop small is because these operations also support other organizations that make a local impact.

"Small businesses help support local non-for-profit, such as Autism Awareness NEPA, The Salt Bar, who has welcomed us here for 'Small Business Saturday also support local non-profits, such as Autism Awareness NEPA  and the Santa Squad," said Mary Vanesco, Well-Nurtured Development.

It's non-profits like those business owners who they hope you keep in mind in a few days for 'Giving Tuesday.'

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