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School resource officer leads charge to safety amid bomb threat at Ross Elementary

Resource Officer Lucinda Welsh has an extensive law enforcement background. All that training was put into action Monday morning.

HUNLOCK CREEK, Pa. — Kids once again walk the halls at Ross Elementary in Ross Township after a scary start to their week.

Resource Officer Lucinda Welsh led the charge to safety after a bomb threat was sent out to the Lake-Lehman School District and several other districts Monday morning.

"I pray every day that I don't have to use the tools in my toolbox, but I'm really fortunate to have them," said Welsh.

The Pennsylvania constable has been a resource officer at the elementary school for the past six years. She has advanced training through the National Association for School Resource Officers. But her job goes well beyond the call for duty.

"Not only do I keep the school safe, but I also act as a counselor to children, or students, rather. And I also have the ability to educate," she said.

She helps even the youngest students navigate challenges like cyberbullying and internet safety. Welsh also teaches them the importance of emergency drills.

Ross Elementary Principal Matt Nonnenberg says the drills are vital to student safety.

"We have done so many drills, and we always say it's better to be prepared than scared," Nonnenberg said.

But those drills became a reality when the bomb threats came through Monday morning. The district training was quickly put into action. School was canceled before the elementary students made it into the building.

While Welsh says she can't go into detail about their protocol, she says it's all about ensuring students feel safe when returning to the classroom.

"Kids are not going to learn if they are afraid," said Welsh.

"I think the level of security and safety, kids and parents are comfortable, and I hope they are," added Nonnenberg.

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