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Restoring a historic church in Exeter

There's an effort underway to bring the steeple back to the Slocum Chapel in Exeter.

EXETER, Pa. — The bell now rings from the Slocum Chapel in Exeter, but that wasn't always the case. The Giordanos brought the bell back to life after they took over the church in 2011.

"When we got here, the building was leaking. We had a little bit of money in the bank, and it was just about enough to cover the roof, and so when we saw one of our visions, it was to keep it here as a landmark," explained Pastor Guy Giordano.

Next, the pastor and his wife are working to bring the steeple of the church back to life.

"The steeple is large. It's the highest point in the community, so if you want to find a church, just look around, see where the steeple is. Then you will find a church," said the pastor.

The motivation behind the effort has to do with their faith but also the history of the chapel.

"So people who don't know can know because history is being buried and new history is being made, and some of the new history being made is not too good. So that's why we're wanting to want to bring back what was the original plan for this neighborhood," explained Barbara.

To help put the steeple back on the roof, the church will be holding a fundraiser this spring. The Belfry Bazaar will be on May 15 to raise money for the steeple.

"We're very, very excited. We have a group of people that are standing behind us and are helping us to achieve that goal and that vision, so we're going to be having a community yard sale, where you could come and, you know, get rid of your stuff, and also donate some of the proceeds back to the chapel so we could use the money for the restoration of the chapel," added Barbara.

For more information on the history of the chapel and the upcoming event visit, check its Facebook page by clicking here.

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