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Restaurants happy, but also a little nervous

For restaurants in counties that are still in the yellow, they were able to get one-step-closer to normalcy today. But it's led to some anxiety.

LUZERNE COUNTY, Pa. — Brian Gardner opened Uncle Buck's BBQ on Main Street in Plymouth 10 years ago, he says right now he's feeling pretty close to the way he felt the day he opened nearly a decade ago.

"Nervous, excited, you know to get back doing business."

The crew there has been serving take-out but says it just wasn't the same as running a restaurant.

Brian said it will be interesting though, integrating the take-out routine they've perfected over the last few months with the new outdoor seating option.

"We're gonna run both today, we're gonna run take out but we're also going to run the restaurant but the restaurant is not in the restaurant it's out here."

"The employees, everybody's anxious, excited, and again certainly nervous. So maintaining that different restaurant apps, like DoorDash and Grub Hub, and then all of a sudden 20, 30, 40 people coming in to eat all at the same time. It might get overwhelming but we're excited and we're ready for it," said manager Wayne Schwartz.

"I have my wife coming down which she's mixed on that, but I might put her to work we'll see what happens," said Gardner.

Manager Wayne Schwartz says if the restaurant reaches capacity they will have to limit the time people spend at a table: 90 minutes for groups of 4 or less and 120 minutes for parties of 6.

"That's the hard part trying to put a restriction on people when everyone's been locked up inside their house for the last two months," said Schwartz.