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Restaurant group installs 'air scrubbers'

The restaurants in Luzerne County added new filtration systems to help guests feel more comfortable while dining inside.

LUZERNE COUNTY, Pa. — Kevin's in Kingston is one of the restaurants in the Friedman Hospitality Group, now using an air scrubber filtration system to help get rid of contaminants in the air and on surfaces.

We were at Grico's in Exeter, another restaurant in the group, where we learned all about it.

With its signature secluded booths, Grico's Restaurant in Exeter seems well equipped to comply with social distancing guidelines, but general manager Shauna Strellish says it hasn't been as easy as you might think.

"We're only at 25 percent capacity, so in order to survive on that, we had to do outdoor dining as well. It is extremely safe to be inside, though, right now because of the air scrubbers," said Strellish.

Strellish is talking about this new air filtration system that has been installed at all of the restaurants in the Friedman Hospitality Group. Customers won't see it or smell it, but the new system will be cleaning the air they breathe.

"Air scrubbers are active pure technology, and they essentially attack any air contaminant and surface pollutant, 99 percent of them. So, where most air filtration systems are just attacking the contaminants in the air, this actually attacks the surfaces as well."

Strellish says all the tables are sanitized before and after each guest, but this is an extra step to make customers feel more comfortable.

"Especially with everything going on, we're just trying to keep everybody safe, so the air scrubbers really do help, and they're installed in our HVAC system, so they get installed right in the ducts, so it's actually great, we have three of them."

Other restaurants in the group, besides Grico's and Kevin's, include the Beaumont Inn, Fire & Ice, both in the Back Mountain, as well as Cork and Le Manhattan Bistro in Wilkes-Barre.

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