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Redevelopment Grants for Health Care in Luzerne County

FOSTER TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Governor Wolf’s office announced a round of grants for development projects in the state on Thursday and some of the grant mo...

FOSTER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Governor Wolf's office announced a round of grants for development projects in the state on Thursday and some of the grant money will be spent in our region.

More than $8 million was granted to seven projects in Luzerne County. These projects are part of a Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program and two of the projects have to do with specialty health care services in our area.

Through the trees at the Old Country Place Retreat in Foster Township, you can see a few buildings that are in need of repair.

Governor Wolf's office announced repairs are coming with the help of a $1 million grant from the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program.

"Sounds to me like you could be money well spent. It sounds like the government doing something good, so that's fine with me," says Jeff Shrader of White Haven.

That $1 million will go toward converting the retreat into an early childhood trauma treatment center.

"So much my heart goes out to anyone with a child with any kind of problem, especially if you know the expense of it so another center would be wonderful," says White Haven resident Connie Gehr.

Gov. Wolf's office also announced a $1 million grant is going to the Lehigh Valley Health Network to go toward facility improvements for Specialty Health Services in part of Luzerne County.

"It's good we have some large hospitals, but we can always use more," says Gehr.

"They have a good reputation around here we are lucky we have good hospitals," adds Shrader.

Lehigh Valley Health Network will put that $1 million toward renovations and add breast health services to this location on Moisey Steet near Hazleton. Surgery services will also get upgrades at the health network's location on Alliance Drive around the corner.

"It's always needed as well never get too many of those as we get older, we need more medical facilities so that sounds good as well," says Gehr.

In addition to health care redevelopment programs, local universities and historical projects received grants as well. You can learn more about these grants in the descriptions below.


Project Name: CALO White Haven Development - Foster Township
Beneficiary of Prospective Award: Luzerne County
County: Luzerne
Municipality: Foster Township
Grant Amount Awarded: $1,000,000
Brief Project Description: The rehab./reconstruction/construction of 4 vacant buildings and at least 2 new buildings. The owned property is near White Haven in Foster Twp, Luz. Co., Pocono Mtn. Region. The improvements to establish at least a 50-bed residential treatment facility to treat the effects of early childhood trauma. This facility will be a private, parent-choice program and will not accept students who have been adjudicated for any offense nor students with substance abuse diagnoses. CALO currently operates similar programs in the USA and is considered the leader in treating early childhood trauma. The facility will include: two dorm/classroom/nurse structures with kitchen; one rec./classroom structure; two canine buildings, new water storage building and two structures for admin. & student counseling. The PA site was selected due to a natural remote serene setting that can be maintained & enhance the CALO program model.

Project Name: Lehigh Valley Hospital - Hazleton, Ambulatory Expansion
Beneficiary of Prospective Award: Lehigh Valley Health Network, Inc.
County: Luzerne
Municipality: Hazle Township
Grant Amount Awarded: $1,000,000
Brief Project Description: The proposed project component at 1000 Alliance St. will include site work and renovations of the existing building to create a Surgical Specialty Medical Office that will include the following surgical services: General, Colorectal, Breast, Vascular, Bariatric, and Urology. The office will include 24 exam rooms, consultation rooms, minor procedure rooms, and support office/provider space. The 50 Moisey St. location will include renovations to the existing building to create a Breast Health Services Center which will add mammography imaging, waiting and reception areas. The Heart Institute renovations will create 14 exam rooms, an IV infusion room, minor procedure rooms and support/provider office space. The Musculoskeletal Center renovations will create 24 new exam rooms to serve Orthopedics, Podiatry, Chiropractic, Sports Medicine, Pain Management and Rheumatology.

Project Name:  Gateway Center (Wilkes Barre)
Beneficiary of Prospective Award: Greater Wilkes-Barre Industrial Fund
County: Luzerne
Municipality: Wilkes-Barre City
Grant Amount Awarded: $2,000,000
Brief Project Description: The Gateway Center Project will be a mixed-use urban development, comprised of two primary elements: a four-story building containing an 83-key select-service hotel, and an 8-story mid-rise building containing 33 market-rate residences above the hotel's associated two story 15,600 SF conference/banquet facility above the first floor lobby and restaurant/bar areas. The residential units will feature luxurious interior appointments and 9-foot ceilings. Units will range from 1,300 SF to 2,500 SF and will showcase panoramic river, mountain, and city views - many from private terraces. The conference center will provide flexible, technologically advanced meeting space, including a balcony and terrace overlooking the Susquehanna River. The 2-acre site accommodates on-site parking for all elements of the development, along with the opportunity for a second phase of development.

Project Name: Interstate Building Materials Expansion (Luzerne)
Beneficiary of Prospective Award: Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance
County: Luzerne
Municipality: Pittston Township
Grant Amount Awarded: $1,000,000
Brief Project Description: Interstate Building Materials is in the process of putting an addition on their manufacturing facility for offices and warehouse space. They have finalized the blue prints for the office and are in the process of completing the Preliminary /Final Land Development Plan for the warehouse including additional dock doors.The project includes general construction, infrastructure/Site Preparation, Machinery and Equipment, and other related costs.

Project Name: Irem Temple Restoration - Phases 1 and 2
Beneficiary of Prospective Award: Irem Temple Restoration Project, Inc.
County: Luzerne
Municipality: Wilkes-Barre City
Grant Amount Awarded: $1,000,000
Brief Project Description: The Irem Temple Restoration –Phases 1 and 2 project will include site security that will secure all doors and windows and install security and fire alarm systems; masonry repairs that will remove plant growth and repoint the building; roof repair and water drainage that will repair the roof and interior gutters. Once the building is stabilized, then the main auditorium can be repaired and restored. After the Project is complete, then the threat of fire would be eliminated, the building will be occupied, and blight will be removed from the neighborhood. The RACP funds will be used to assist in offsetting the costs associated with the stabilization and restoration of this significant building within the City of Wilkes-Barre.

Project Name: McCarthy Tire Wilkes-Barre HQ 901
Beneficiary of Prospective Award: McCarthy Tire Service Company
County: Luzerne
Municipality: Wilkes-Barre City
Grant Amount Awarded: $500,000
Brief Project Description: McCarthy Tire success has centered in WB for 94 yrs and the conversion of this structure to Corporate Office/ HQ will keep a 4th generation co. in the Core City, Wilkes Barre.The property used is on the corner of Conyngham street and Wilkes Barre Boulevard and is currently owned by an affiliated co owned by the Applicant. The project includes (1) Interior and Exterior demolition, renovation and addition as required to convert industrial space to office. (2) Complete site restoration, paving, landscaping, storm and water controls. (3) New East elevation entrance with accentuated design to modify structure from purely industrial to Corporate Office. (4) New roofing and exterior building materials to convert and enhance the facade facing WB Boulevard. (5) New exterior window systems and materials, elimination of truck dock doors and docks on the East elevation. (6) Conversion of 2 story interior industrial space into corporate office space. (7) New dock space on North side for remaining warehousing.

Project Name:  Misericordia University Science Facilities Enhancements III
Beneficiary of Prospective Award: Greater Wilkes-Barre Industrial Fund, Inc.
County: Luzerne
Municipality: Dallas Township
Grant Amount Awarded: $2,250,000
Brief Project Description: Misericordia University will implement a renovation and expansion of its sixty-year old Science Center to provide teaching labs, general classrooms, and research laboratory space. Scope of work for the project includes: Excavation for new addition, grading, and site improvements for pedestrian walks, building access walks, stairs/ramps, and landscaping around a new complimentary science facility; Demolition of stairs to accommodate road realignments, widening, demolition of existing entry vestibule, greenhouse and canopy; Removal/replacement of building envelope, curtain wall enclosures and roof; Repair to masonry exterior walls; Building layout modifications to convert space into Physics labs, a Computer Sciences lab, a Physics research lab, and student collaboration space, convert biology teaching and research labs; Add new finishes including flooring, ceiling tiles, and wall finishes; Add new laboratory casework; Add new automatic fire suppression system; Mechanical, electrical and plumbing renovations; Renovations to building data network; Add access control systems.

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