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Rare green comet seen for first time since Stone Age

The last time this comet was able to be seen was when cavemen walked the earth.

LUZERNE COUNTY, Pa. — More than 100 people came out to see the green comet through the telescope at the Friedman Observatory on Penn State's Wilkes-Barre campus.

"So anytime you see something like this, you know it's very rewarding," said Harold Koehler, Dallas.

Professor Dr. Violet Mager points out that the last time this comet was able to be seen was when cavemen walked the earth.

"It's pretty rare to have a naked-eye comet, this one is just barely visible to the naked eye, but we can see it just fine with binoculars and telescopes," said Mager.

The green comet is moving at a speed of a little more than 120,000 miles per hour, but you can't really tell it's going that fast because it's more than 24 million miles away from the surface of the earth.

"I thought it would be really cool to see something that almost no one's ever seen before," said Benjamin Neher.

Benjamin Neher and his sister Emily from Dallas got to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

"It was kind of fuzzy, but I could see it. It was kind of greenish," said Neher.

"I looked into the telescope and saw the green, like the green comet," said Emily Neher.

Mark DiMirco of Wilkes-barre says it's not his first time stopping by the observatory to see what's up in the sky.

"Well, it's just something that I shared with my son when he was a little kid, that we came to see the other comets, and we came to the planetarium to see mars and things like that. It's just to keep interested in astronomy, you know, it's just a great thing, and it's really cool," said DiMirco.

DiMirco thinks the comet came at just the perfect time.

"And don't forget it's the green comet, and that's an omen for the Eagles."

If you weren't able to make it out Wednesday night, you're in luck because the comet will be hanging around for a couple more days, and the oberservatory in Luzerne County will be open Thursday and Friday nights for anyone eager to catch a glimpse.

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