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Protesters and supporters gather for presidential visit in Wilkes-Barre

The motorcade for Pres. Biden's visit was lined with protesters and those who support him.

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. — In Wilkes-Barre, community members and students at Wilkes University came out to voice their opinion on President Joe Biden visiting the area.

Dreary skies did not stop President Biden from visiting Wilkes University to discuss new policies intended to help create a safer America.

Along the president's route into Wilkes-Barre, Linda Touhsant and other protesters gathered along River Street at the entrance to the Market Street Bridge to voice their opinions.

"We are so angered he has taken this country down, and they know they're taking us down. We're done. We got to get our country back," said Touhsant.

"I'm very happy that people came here to represent the average person who is against him," Ron Dombroski said.

Closer to the Wilkes University campus, Chris Tomaszewski, was able to get an up-close look as the motorcade turned onto South Franklin Street.

"Worth it, man," Tomaszewski said. "I never saw it in my life before. It's a good, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Luzerne County's got a lot going on. It's a good county. I live here. It's beautiful."

Wilkes junior Joseph Zvorsky says seeing the president come to the university is something special for the students and community.

"I have friends that go to school across the country, and the president isn't coming to their school," Zvorsky said. "He's coming to Wilkes, which is pretty neat."

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