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Preparing Your Vehicle for Early Winter Conditions

KINGSTON, Pa. — According to our Stormtracker 16 team of meteorologists, the difference in the high’s and low’s are going to vary by almost 20...

KINGSTON, Pa. -- According to our Stormtracker 16 team of meteorologists, the difference in the high's and low's are going to vary by almost 20 degrees over the next week. That means some people are already feeling the wrath of Old Man Winter on their vehicles.

Janice Haynes of Swoyersville had a dead car battery. She said the cold weather is the culprit. She brought it to Autozone in Edwardsville to have it fixed.

"Well, it's hard starting it in the morning and everything. You know, you keep turning the key and turning the key, and it won't start," Haynes said.

It's not just batteries. The frigid weather forced a lot of people to have their tire pressure checked at T & F Tire Supply in Kingston.

Workers here said business doubled in the past week because of the dip in temperatures.

"I think today we probably changed, and the number is still going up, to be honest with you, but I think we probably had about 30 folks here today. We had quite a day," Owner Thomas Tranguch said.

There is also something drivers in Luzerne County are not likely to soon forget.

One year ago on Friday, a major snowstorm rocked Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania.

Along Interstate 81 near Hazleton, six tractor-trailers jack-knifed.

With that memory fresh in mind, drivers are buying ice scrapers and windshield wipers ahead of time at A & A Auto Stores in Kingston.

"Whenever somebody hears the word, 'snow' they kind of panic up here in NEPA because you never know what you're actually going to get," Tracey Spencer said.

In addition to the engine in your car, you might also want to be thinking about the engine in your snow thrower.

"All the time bad fuel is an issue, however a lot of the general maintenance, too. Make sure that your oil is changed, make sure that you are using the adequate oil," Ashley Sterling, owner of Vac-Way Lawn and Garden, said.

Mechanics suggest checking your vehicle's tire traction, brakes, and windshield wipers.

If you're looking to book an appointment, do it soon. Availabilities are getting tight.