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Power To Save: New Lights in Pittston Township

PITTSTON TOWNSHIP — This Christmas may look a little brighter in one Luzerne County community. They’re spreading the holiday cheer in Pittston Towns...

PITTSTON TOWNSHIP -- This Christmas may look a little brighter in one Luzerne County community.

They're spreading the holiday cheer in Pittston Township. The annual holiday lights are up, but may appear a little different this year because the township made the switch to LED lights.

"We replaced them on both sides of the street because they were old and a lot of them weren't lighting," said township supervisor Frank Sciabacucchi.

Sciabacucchi calls it a win-win, because the lights are brighter and are helping the township by cutting down on electricity costs.

"Everybody has complimented us because everyone would let us know when they saw there were lights out, burned out, that need to be replaced, so these are going to last longer."

But it's not just the Christmas lights that are new. Over the past year, all of the street lights have been converted to LED lights as well.

344 street lights were replaced as a result throughout Pittston Township, leading to monthly savings of nearly $200. It's all a part of a relatively new street light conversion program with PPL.

"What ends up happening is less than a year and a half, they've paid back their upfront costs and they continue to save for the community from here on out because the LED lights--in addition to being brighter, whiter, and more focused--last almost five times as long as high-pressure sodium lights," explained Meghan Loftus, Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance Energy Resource Center.

Loftus works with various communities on new ways to increase savings but says there are still plenty of places unaware of this potential benefit.

"Kind of eliminates all of the problems and it's aesthetically pleasing and it's safer."

It also maked the holiday cheer a little brighter and a little "greener."