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Police searching for home of stolen grave markers

19 veteran grave markers were recovered near railroad tracks in Plains Township.

PLAINS, Pa. — More than a dozen veteran grave markers have been found in Luzerne County and police are trying to get them back where they belong.

The discovery of 19 veteran grave markers led to a morning call to Plains Township Police Chief Dale Binker.

"From our local carwash saying that he located numerous grave markers for veterans that were probably stolen from the cemetery," explained Chief Binker. "It was shocking because Veterans Day has happened last weekend, Plains Township and other communities had a very nice ceremony for our veterans."

One of the markers is for a Civil War veteran, another from the Vietnam War.

"We have 14 of them from World War II and three from the Korean War," added Binker. "It's sad because when you, all the veterans that we have in Luzerne County, and you don't know their story behind it, some of these guys may have been heroes and they were your mailman at one time, and you will never know the difference. So at least this is a little gratitude they deserve."

Chief Binker says it was likely that these were stolen to be sold to a scrap yard for cash.

"Certain scrap yards won't accept that because they know they're already stolen," explained Binker.

Plains Township police would like to find the person who stole them, but more importantly, where they were stolen from.

"Our main objective is to locate the cemetery where they were stolen from," said Binker.

If you have any information about a cemetery missing 19 veteran grave markers in Luzerne County, you are asked to contact the Plains Township Police Department.

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