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Phillies home run ball caught by boy from Luzerne County

Twelve-year-old Serock Gavin caught the home run ball hit by Phillies Rhys Hoskins in game three of the World Series.

DRUMS, Pa. — Gavin Serock has been the talk of his hometown since catching the fifth home run hit by a Phillies player in Tuesday night's game

He says it's a moment he will never forget.

"Everyone's been blowing up my phone ever since it happened," said Gavin of Sugarloaf.

At only twelve years old, Gavin got his major league moment not as a player on the field but as a fan in the stands.

"Baseball is my favorite sport, so just being able to go to the game, in general, was awesome. And then I got the homerun that just like made everything like insane," he said.

The Rhys Hoskins home run was the fifth home run that was hit that game and the second one near Gavin's seat.

When another ball was hit his way, he was ready for it.

"Especially when you see it come off the bat, everyone is trying to get to the ball to try and get it, and I was squeezed like this. It was a sharp line drive, so it's not like it was just flying in it came pretty quick, and it was cool, kinda nervous, but it was pretty cool when I got it," Gavin explained.

As soon as he got the ball, Gavin made it on TV.

That's when he says that the calls from friends and family started rolling in.

"Like three minutes after I was on TV, I think I had 25 texts just come through, and everyone has just been calling me and texting me, so it's been cool," he said.

Joe Serock, Gavin's Father, was right next to him when he got the ball and is happy that he got to be a part of his son's once-in-a-lifetime baseball memory.

"To see that happen and see that through his eyes and be able to experience that with him is something that you can't imagine," Joe said.

"Being able to experience that game getting this like it's just definitely a ten," Gavin added.

Gavin says he's keeping the baseball for now but could be persuaded if Phillies' first baseman Rhys Hoskins comes calling.

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