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Pets return to groomers to be pampered

A reunion staff, pet owners, and the pets themselves are thankful for.

DALLAS, Pa. — Remi is at the groomers getting a shampoo and a shave, while others like Toby just need their nails clipped.

It's something relatively small in the grand scheme of things, but nevertheless, something that is bringing pet owners a little joy in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

"Toby just turned 11-years-old, and he has a hard time getting around with his nails so long, and he has hip problems, but like I said, I just want him to feel good, and that's it," explained Amy Long of Falls. 

"All the dogs are happy to be back, they're super excited coming here because they're bored too, sitting at home and doing nothing," said Farrah Casper, a groomer at The Paw Spa in Dallas.

Groomers tell Newswatch 16  they're enjoying being back in business too.

"It was almost like torture because we miss them all. We couldn't wait to get back honestly," added Carmi Robbins while she clipped the hair around Remi's paws.

The Paw Spa is booked well into next week.

It expects to be busier than usual not only because it's summer shave season, but because it's playing catch up from the last two months of missed appointments.

"Some of the dogs are a little more you know messy than they normally are. They normally come once a month, and it's been months, so it's like double the work that it would normally be, but luckily we know that it's because they couldn't make it in," added Casper.

The Paw Spa has many COVID-19 safety measures in place.

Anything that can be done outside is happening there.

Leashes, collars, surfaces, and crates are being sanitized before and after each visit as well.