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Pastor from Luzerne County convicted of child sex crimes

Police in Chester County filed charges against Randy Boston last summer. The victim came forward more than a decade after the alleged sex assault.

SHICKSHINNY, Pa. — Randy Boston is the pastor of a church in Shickshinny, but the child sex charges against him date back years ago when he worked at a school outside Philadelphia.

A jury in Chester County has now found Boston guilty.

Police in Chester County filed charges against Randy Boston last summer. The victim came forward more than a decade after the alleged sex assault.

Neighbors near the church Boston leads in Shickshinny say they're still shocked to hear what happened all those years ago.

Pastor Randy Boston's name remains on the sign outside Bible Baptist Church in Shickshinny.

Boston was just convicted on charges related to a child sex assault some 15 years ago when Boston was a teacher at a Christian school near Philadelphia.

"Like everybody else, you are surprised by your neighbors and what you see and hear. This guy was nice enough. I talked to him a few times. I mean, I am not of this religion, but I talked to him, and he tried to get myself and my wife to come to the church," said neighbor Fred Spess.

Boston has served as pastor at Bible Baptist Church since 2017. He was arrested by police in Chester County in July of 2021.

A 21-year-old man came forward saying that Boston molested him at the school when he was in first grade.

"I was shocked when I heard about what was going on with the guy, but if you looked at him after the fact, you kind of think, well, he could fit the profile of somebody who would do something like that."

The three-day jury trial in Chester County wrapped up after three hours of deliberation.

Jurors found Boston guilty of indecent assault and other charges. He'll be sentenced later.

Back in Shickshinny, people living near Bible Baptist Church tell Newswatch 16 they noticed the typical Wednesday service at the church didn't go on that night.

"It's very unusual, every Wednesday religiously, they have something going on here at the church, but they just didn't have anything."

According to online docket sheets, Randy Boston is now locked up in Chester County.

Bible Baptist Church in Shickshinny was not available to confirm if they will now be looking for a new pastor.

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