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Osterhout Free Library Gets Book Returned That Was Due 75 Years Ago

WILKES-BARRE — In this chapter of Robert Lockman’s life, he never thought he’d be able to do something for his late father, Robert Sr. But whi...

WILKES-BARRE -- In this chapter of Robert Lockman's life, he never thought he'd be able to do something for his late father, Robert Sr.

But while cleaning out the basement at his home in Kingston Township, Lockman came across some old books.

"And that's when I pulled out that book, the Oregon Trail. And it was kind of strange to me," he said.

He opened the book, found a sticker on it from the Osterhout Free Library, and saw it was due December 2, 1941. Lockman's dad was 9 years old at the time. Five days later, Pearl Harbor happened.

"Some things become more important, you know?" he said.

With World War II happening, Lockman believes his dad just forgot about returning the book. With his dad now gone, Lockman made it his mission to return the Oregon Trail, so he could do something for the man who taught him so much.

"My dad was a really honest guy, and he would have done the same thing!" he said.

Still, he admits he was a little worried about a late fee!

"Well, my first thought was, I wonder if they're going to want the fine!" he joked.

Library workers plan to put the book on display because of its unique story.