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Kingston JCC Looks Forward to New Year’s Resolution Crowd

KINGSTON, Pa. — Rick Kornfeld says he’s not big on New Year’s Resolutions but hopes to play pickleball regularly at the new Jewish Community C...

KINGSTON, Pa. -- Rick Kornfeld says he's not big on New Year's Resolutions but hopes to play pickleball regularly at the new Jewish Community Center in Kingston in the upcoming year.

"Yes, pickleball is great I just learned it from my sister in law we played last week, I played today with my family it's a great sport," said Rick Kornfeld, Kingston.

Staff at the JCC says New Year's is a time they look forward to.

"It's a good time to get started and get in shape. Get back in shape or to start a new program. Excellent opportunity. New start," said Doug Miller, JCC.

Tess Kornfeld says if you are someone who is looking for a New Year's Resolution, pickleball at the JCC might be for you.

"Definitely I think it's fun which is the number one thing that you're looking for in a new year's resolution you want to be able to stick with it," said Tess Kornfeld, New York.

While some gymgoers look at the New Year's Resolution crowd as an inconvenience, folks here at the JCC are looking forward to it.

"People are excited about having new people and meeting new people at the gym and getting involved in new activities," said Miller.

"It's definitely an opportunity to meet new people make new friends and have people say see you tomorrow on the court and you will say yes and then you will have to come back," said Tess.

Members say if you're looking to find a place to pursue your health-center New Year's Resolution,  you'll consider joining them at the JCC.

"Well hopefully people will join some and see it get a tour it's a beautiful spot. Brand new, the equipments new the gyms new fitness center. they should come here and join and at least check it out," said Rick Kornfeld.

If you'd like to learn more about the fitness opportunities at the JCC, click here.