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King's College kickers making history

Two student-athletes have made history in Luzerne County. They are the only ladies on the King's College football team.

WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP, Pa. — The King's College football team is up before the sun to practice on the field at McCarthy Stadium in Wilkes-Barre Township before class.

Two of the players on the field are women, Delaney Hilferty and Alyssa Accordino, who are both placekickers on the team, and they tell Newswatch 16 they have a special bond.

"Gaining a sister and a best friend at the same exact time having someone that goes through the same stuff as you making sure you're not alone, knowing that she's always there that they can do it as well," said freshman Delaney Hilferty.

Sharing the same stuff like making history as the freshman are the first pair of female placekickers to score points in a NCAA football game.

It happened at the team's game earlier this month against Albright College, where each scored an extra point. Delaney was first.

"As soon as he told me to get ready and like I would have the next bat, I was shocked. I was very scared. But as soon as I went in, all the nerves went away, and when I went through, I was just so happy, and like looking at the team, they're all just celebrating and just having fun. It was great," added Delaney.

Then, it was Alyssa's turn.

"Well, unexpectedly, I ended up going into the end of the game once the score kind of got a little bit higher. And I ended up going into a connection point, and that's where I made history," said freshman Alyssa Accordino.

"I was first, but when he said, 'Alyssa gets the next one.' I was like, 'oh my god. Yes.' And then when she went in, I was like the first one I was literally like, on the edge of the field like giant like bout to run on the field. Like as soon as she made it, I was screaming and jumping. I was so happy for," added Delaney.

These ladies encourage any others thinking of heading out onto the field to go for it.

"Definitely go for it. There's no fear, and being amongst you may be amongst a sea of men, but there's no better feeling than being part of a family. That especially we have here. And honestly, if as long as you have the passion for it, what's holding you back," said Alyssa.

They are also the fifth and sixth women ever to score a point in an NCAA  game. 

Kings beat Albright in that game 51 to 12.

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