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Keeping your vaccination card safe

An important part of getting the COVID-19 vaccine is getting the card that comes with it and keeping it safe.

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. — A vaccination clinic in Wilkes-Barre is hoping to vaccinate 500 people. Something that's almost as important as the shot these folks are getting is the CDC card that comes with it.

"Remember, the only evidence that a person has if they had the vaccine is written on this card," said Wilkes-Barre City Health Department Director Henry Radulski. "It's very important. We actually recommend people to actually, you know, take a picture and put it on your cell phone. Obviously, there are other things you could do, but the important thing to make sure is you know where you put it, and you have access at all times."

"Because you never know when you're going to need it in the future because currently there is no central system where all the information is in. So, this is all you have right now until some type of database was created on a national basis," added Radulski.

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People at the clinic joked with Newswatch 16 that unless they win the lottery, this vaccination card could be the most significant piece of paper they get this year, so they're planning on keeping it in a safe place.

"We have a safe at home that we keep all of our important documents on, like you know, a fire like safety safe," said Kelly Bartron of Tunkhannock.

Places like Office Max and Office Depot have put out coupons, saying they will laminate the card for free. But the Wilkes-Barre health department has some advice on that front.

"Some people will want to laminate their card, and that's a good idea, but laminate a copy of it because there are spaces on here for additional information," said Radulski. "If there's a booster shot, or if this becomes an annual event, we have to get it,  so you'll have this card, so I made a copy, take a picture of this one, and put it in safe keeping also."

Bartron says she'll be doing just that.

"I would like to at least have the laminated one carry around with me and keep the original at home," said Bartron.