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Inflation impacts Memorial Day shopping lists

Newswatch 16's Carmella Mataloni stopped by the new Weis in West Hazleton to see how shoppers are picking and choosing what's on the menu for the holiday weekend.

WEST HAZLETON, Pa. — Lines at registers are full, and carts are packed at Weis.

The store just reopened after a fire in December.

"We heard it was the grand opening, and this is the local store we shop at, and so we decided to check it out and see how everything is," said Marie Frey, Drums.

Many people are here to pick up some Memorial Day necessities.

Getting together with family and friends? It will likely cost you a little extra this year.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks the changing prices for various goods in the "Consumer Price Index" and has found that many items have seen big increases, including picnic staples such as meats, fruits, and vegetables.

"It's pretty unfortunate, especially for the people who are less fortunate financially wise," said Katlyn Cortese, Hazleton.

Because this is a new store and because it's a holiday weekend, shoppers are noticing some specials at checkout. 

The fear is once all is said and done, those prices will go back up.

"We may grill some of this, but the main thing is to catch these good prices and put it in the freezer," said Shannon Davis, Eagle Rock.

Shoppers are feeling the pinch and are choosing to cut back or even cut out some items.

"For example, baked goods. For pies, apple pie went up. I don't remember what it was like $8 for an 8 or 10 inch, and now it's like $10. Now, of course, meat prices are going to go back up," said Frey.

Shoppers say they will continue to monitor prices and use coupons and the store's point system.

"Sometimes, if you have one of those cards, the saving cards. It cuts the prices in half," added Davis.

Despite the rise in prices, managers at Weis expect to be busy all weekend long and will keep BBQ essentials stocked.

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