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Hillside Education Center to reopen

The new center will be used for anything from summer camps to class trips. The center was forced to close after a fire in 2022.

LUZERNE COUNTY, Pa. — The finishing touches are being made on the education center at the lands of Hillside Farms in Shavertown.

"I would call it 98% there, there are still a few things, banisters to be put on the outside we are very fortunate the community came together, we wouldn't have been able to do it without them," said Chet Mozloom, Hillside Farms Executive Director.

Last February a fire started in the early morning hours leaving nothing but the foundation.

But now, you would never know it even happened.

The new center will be used for anything from summer camps to class trips even adding a smart board to expand education with live-streamed sessions.

"It's not just about doing what we were doing, its reimagined this place when this happened. {butt to} even if its at the collegiate level or a kindergarten level or a group of adults there could be a presenter here and this is an interactive board," said Mozloom.

Many material things were lost in the fire but one special item was able to be recreated.

Mozloom says after the fire lots of people called asking how they could help.

One of those calls came from the superintendent of the Dallas School District.

"I got back to him a couple days later and I said years ago your students make this art for us and it was in that fire, and obviously it was liquified in the fire, the place was gone, is there any chance you could remake it?  So he asked the fifth-grade teacher if she would take on the project and she did, it's just so cool, it's our bottle caps, the cows, everything about it I just love," said Mozloom.

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