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High gas prices dock boat owners

Newswatch 16's Carmella Mataloni spoke with boat owners at Harvey's Lake and found some are choosing to keep their boats on land.

HARVEYS LAKE, Pa. — We all know the price at the pump is through the roof. Because of it, some boat owners believe sunny days and joy rides might be few and far between this summer.

"It's crazy. This has a 55-gallon tank and I didn't even fill it this year. I typically just put whatever my debit card will let me put into it on the way out here. It was 99-dollars when it kicked off. It's terrible," said Brad Blaine, Shavertown.

AAA stats show Pennsylvania is flirting with a $5 gas average at $4.95. That's $1.75 more than what we paid last year.

The price of diesel continues to fall, averaging $6.17. 

Brad Blaine from Shavertown explains it in two words 'sticker shock'.

"Well like I said this is 55 gallons and what is it $5 a gallon now? So that's $250," said Blaine.

You can get gas at Grotto Pizza on Harvey's Lake, but it will cost you $6.09. 

Boaters we spoke with say if people want to ride around on the water, they will pay for it. If they don't, boats will stay parked.

The pandemic created a huge market for new boaters, buying both used and new.

The Remaly's from Bloomsburg feel for those who recently bought a boat and might not get to use it.

"I think they said it's not supposed to go down until the fall, but maybe not even then," said Sandra Remaly, Bloomsburg.

"I look at it as I am just not going to travel quite as much," said Charles Remaly, Bloomsburg.

If you do plan to take a boat out on the lake, boaters tell Newswatch 16 there are ways you can save money and fuel. Back off a bit and avoid running full throttle.

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