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Graduations live! Local live-streaming business booming

Live streaming graduations and more have become wildly popular over the past year, keeping some businesses very busy.

LUZERNE COUNTY, Pa. — Pomp and circumstance streaming live is something the pros say has exploded in popularity since the start of the pandemic.

With health concerns, streaming events like graduations became the thing to do.

Things are opening back up this year compared to last, but even so, streaming is still a big request.

“We’re doing all kinds of stuff, the high school graduations, I mean the demand is just going kind of through the roof," said Jonathan Edwards, owner of 570 Drone, which is based in Plymouth.

Jonathan Edwards said he has been very busy.

Not just with high school and college graduations but concerts and recitals, weddings, boat shows, and more.

“I’ve live-streamed a couple wedding now, which were pretty cool because of that exact reason, people couldn’t fly in or were uncomfortable to coming in with the wedding, so we live streamed it with big multi-cam set-ups.”

Jonathan Edwards said live-streaming is definitely the future. 

It is something he’s been doing and investing in for years, but he said as more and more people realize it’s an option, they are choosing it and have been grateful for it.

"These one-time special events people are really grateful they can see it, so I’ve gotten a lot of messages and emails and phone calls telling me how wonderful it was, they loved it, so I appreciate that," said Edwards.

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