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Getting vaccines to people who are homebound in Luzerne County

Officials in Luzerne County announced Monday two initiatives to help get COVID-19 vaccines to people who are homebound.

KINGSTON, Pa. — For people like Phill Williams, who live in the Dan Flood Towers in Kingston, getting the vaccine wasn't easy.

"Transportation was getting somewhere to get the shot, but I was a little hesitant at first, but now I'm getting it done, feel good."

His shot was possible because of the efforts of the state and county officials, the Area Agency on Aging, the Medical Societies of Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties, and All Care Home Care. They've organized an effort to travel to all the high-rises in Luzerne County to give the vaccine to anyone who wants it.

"If you live in a high-rise that you can't get out, we're coming to the high-rises to give people the vaccine," said Luzerne County Manager David Pedri.

State and county officials say everything was set up to make this happen sooner, but it was delayed because of vaccine supply.

"In March, my tenants are approaching me saying run three, four, or five different lists to get the vaccine. and we can't get it. So I just wanted to say thank you," said Kerri Zurcher, Dan Flood Towers property manager.

The initiative isn't stopping with high-rises.

"If you are an elderly person who is homebound, who can't get out, we will come to your house and provide this vaccine to you, ladies and gentlemen. We're closing this pandemic down, and anybody who wants a vaccine now has the opportunity to get that vaccine," Pedri said.

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Nurses with All Care Home Care will be traveling eight to ten homes a day administering vaccines for people who call the Area Agency on Aging and set up an appointment.

"Go through all the questions, fill out all the paperwork, give the vaccine, and then we wait the specified amount of time with the patient, and then we go on and then we'll be there for that second dose too because we are giving them the Moderna vaccine which is in 28 days. We'll come back to give that second dose to these homebound patients," said Mary Ann Ator from All Care Home Care.

If you live in Luzerne County and would like to set up a home appointment for a vaccine, you can call the Area Agency on Aging at 570-822-1158 to set up an appointment.

You can find out how to contact the Area Agency on Aging in your county here.

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