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Fun in the snow in Luzerne County

Sledding and building snow creations were just a few of the activities families in the Back Mountain decided to do with the fresh snowfall.

BACK MOUNTAIN, Pa. — It's all fun on this hillside on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Shavertown.

"We're about to go sledding," said Jazzlyn Shaw. Her favorite part of sledding is "that you race down the hills and stuff. And it's really fun when you get to the very end," she explained.

The snowfall overnight is good and allows for some family fun.

Folks in the Back Mountain tell Newswatch 16 this snow is perfect for sleigh riding and building a snowman.

We visited the Cookus home, where we visited earlier this month and learned about a snow creation.

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"Betty White got recycled. So we packed her together. So she's still in memory today on her birthday," said Kellie Cookus. "But we are going to make Encanto. The girls, when they woke up this morning, my teenagers, they asked me what to build. And I said, 'how about a big snowman? How about this?' 'No, you got to make Bruno.' So Bruno is a character in Encanto of the new Disney movie."

How long will this one last? That's up to the forecast.

"Yeah, well, if we get more snow like this like six or seven to ten inches, we can go higher and higher with the ladders, so that's when we come back and have exciting stuff," added Cookus.

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