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Popular Musicians from Luzerne County Still Recovering from Florida Crash

KINGSTON — It’s been almost a month since a tractor trailer crash in Florida seriously hurt popular musicians on tour from Luzerne County. Lawyers r...

KINGSTON -- It's been almost a month since a tractor trailer crash in Florida seriously hurt popular musicians on tour from Luzerne County.

Lawyers representing crew and members of the band Adrenaline Mob said there have been rumors swirling on social media about the victims conditions since the crash.

Attorneys held a press conference on Thursday to set the record straight.

The law firm of Fellerman and Ciarmboli represents Janet Rains and Robert Dressler, both from Luzerne County. Kingston lawyer Neil O'Donnell is representing Jason McCloe, also from Luzerne County.

Lawyers said there have been rumors that Rains died, which is not true. Lawyers said she is in the hospital recovering from some serious burns.

Friends decorated her hospital room Florida with pictures from better times.

"She's a very, very strong-willed person. I have no doubt that she will pull through this," Friend Dawn Randazzo said.

Florida police say Rains, McCloe and Dressler were on tour when they pulled over on the side of the road to fix a flat tire and a tractor trailer crashed into them.

Attorneys said the truck split the parked RV in half, killing band member David Zablidowsky of New York, and causing an explosion.

"No one escaped this horrific crash without a devastating physical or psychological injury that they continue to suffer from," Attorney Ed Ciarmboli said.

Lawyers said police have not finished their investigation just yet. Officers in Florida are waiting on the toxicology results from the driver of the crash.

"Typically, what we can tell you is when tractor trailer drivers and tractor trailer companies are following the rules, tractor trailers don't just leave the roadway," Ciarmboli said.

Lawyers said Dressler is recovering at home and McCloe is scheduled for another surgery.

"It's been overwhelming the amount of support this community has provided to these local individuals in these positions," Ciarmboli said.

Some of that overwhelming support came from friends who have already organized three benefit concerts to help the crash victims pay for their medical costs.

  1. The Jane Train Benefit Show, Sunday August 6 at 4 p.m., at the Irish Wolf Pub in Scranton.
  2. Rockin' the Jane Train, Sunday October 1 at 2 p.m,. at Ole Tyme Charley's in Plains Township.
  3. Jane Jam: A Benefit Concert for Local Adrenaline Mob Members, Thursday, October 12 at 6 p.m., at The Woodlands Inn in Plains Township.

Randazzo said she organized Jane Jam within hours of hearing about the crash. She said she was touched by the number of artists who wanted to pitch in to help.

"We named it Jane Jam pretty much in the hopes that at some point when she does recover that she will be able to use that as a platform to do a show for herself and other benefits because that's the kind of person she is," Randazzo said.

A Go-Fund-Me-Page to help Rains pay for her medical costs has already raised more than $16,000 towards her $350,000 goal.