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Day without Immigrants in Luzerne County

LUZERNE COUNTY — On this so-called “Day without Immigrants” there were protests throughout our area, including in Luzerne County. A popular re...

LUZERNE COUNTY -- On this so-called "Day without Immigrants" there were protests throughout our area, including in Luzerne County.

A popular restaurant in Wilkes-Barre Township was one of several businesses that closed for the day.

Many Hispanic immigrants in Luzerne County stayed at home Thursday as part of the national Day without Immigrants.

In Wilkes-Barre Township, La Totelca has a sign on the door that says, "we closed."

That was also the case at dozens of places in Hazleton.

Oscar Rubio is usually the one to turn on the lights at Isabel's Gifts, the clothing store he owns in Hazleton, but on this day, there are no shoppers, and he's not clocking in. He closed his store on Diamond Avenue to protest President Trump's immigration order.

"We don't like Donald trump because he's very nasty with the Latin people," said Rubio.

He's not alone. Immigrants across the country did not go to work, from restaurants to gas stations to clothing stores. It's a part of a national protest to show President Trump immigrants are hardworking and contribute to society.

"I think they are very important because they are helping the economy here in town. They are people very willing to work," said Rubio.

Just down the street at a Dominican deli, people tried walking in but the door was locked.

There was an entire block of stores on Wyoming Street with lights off and closed signs on the doors.

Many Hispanics in the city hope their message of unity demonstrates their rising role in American society.

"We love Hazleton. We have more than 30 years here, and I'd like it to go up with the Latin community and the progress," added Rubio.

Many immigrants we talked to agree the president should get immigrants who commit serious crimes out of the country, but they also say immigrants are an important part of the American economy and they are here to stay.