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Will COVID curb New Year's fitness resolutions?

Some fitness professionals are seeing people prioritize group exercise despite a rise in coronavirus cases.

LUZERNE COUNTY, Pa. — Classes at The Barn in Kingston Township do not only pack a punch, they are pretty full too despite a rise in coronavirus cases.

But the owner here says that's because there's a system in place to keep people comfortable and safe, even if new faces join this class in the new year 

"Anyone going away must quarantine was for 10 days. It now is five days, so I just put it out to all my trainers. We follow the CDC guidelines. So anyone coming back, this is a vacation time. People are way they must. They must quarantine before they come back," explained owner Mary Dragon.

That along with the lifestyle nature of her business are some of the reasons why Dragon thinks this gym will continue to be full now and through the new year despite the on going pandemic.

Folks at the Anthracite Fitness Factory in Pittston, home to a CrossFit gym, spin studio, and more, are hoping for the same results, even though some opting for virtual workouts this month.

"I feel like there are a lot of people that do want to work out at home I will say like especially the past couple weeks I've had a few like some people want rather than stay home, but I do have a lot of new girls ready to sign up for the new year. So hopefully, it's not too affected by everything going on," said personal trainer Mia Falcone.

"I don't think it'll affect the new year's business. I think people are looking to get back into fitness, get out and do different things and as long as you're providing a safe environment for them to do it in. I think people will come and people work out and be happy and have a healthy and fit New Year," said owner Jenna Strzelecki.

Regardless of how these fitness professional instruct their clients to get their sweat on, they tell Newswatch 16 cardiovascular health is important, especially now.

"Strengthening your heart through cardiovascular exercise that we offer here, lifting weights, building muscle just helps to prevent any kind of illness and disease. So getting out and getting into a community where it's safe. You can be spaced out but you can also work on your fitness and health, I think is a super big advantage in the new year," added Strzelecki. 

"Cardiovascular vascular is one of the biggest things during this type of what's going on with the world," said Dragon.

"We don't we don't underscore anything. It is a pandemic, but they feel better. They do better when if they do get sick, they do a lot better as opposed to getting sick and ended up in a hospital," added The Barn general manager Brad Hontz.

If you would like to learn more about group exercise opportunities at these locations you can visit The Barn's website by clicking here.

You can learn more about the Anthracite Fitness Factory by clicking here.

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