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COVID-19 survivor celebrates 101st birthday

With the help from firefighters, Edith DeAngleo's family was able to wish her a 'Happy Birthday' as she sat looking out her second-floor window.

DRUMS, Pa. — A fire engine from the Valley Regional Fire & Rescue rolled through the parking lot of Providence Place Senior Living for a celebration.

The three-year resident Edith DeAngleo turned 101 years old, and her family will tell you, despite the pandemic, they were not going to let this day pass by without something special.

"If it's one thing about our family, being Italian growing up, we are always together for everything, every birthday. Every single celebration we are always together," Edith's granddaughter Gina Johnson explained.

With the help from firefighters, Edith's family was able to wish her a 'Happy Birthday' as she sat looking out her second-floor window.

"I was happy they were able to get some kind of contact with her because I think that that was important," Kim Perchak of Providence Place Senior Living said.

Not only because it's her birthday, but because Edith is under a strict quarantine since being diagnosed with COVID-19.

"She had minimal symptoms," Perchak said. "Just a little bit of weakness, and we decided to test her, and it came back positive. Since then, she's been quarantined with no contact whatsoever except for one staff member. She's been doing well. Treatment and the care really rallied her."

"Obviously it's nervewracking when you hear 'Oh my gosh your grandma tested positive for COVID' because you're hearing all these things," Johnson said. "Then to hear that she had no symptoms that she was fine she was just kind of doing her thing, I wasn't surprised at all because that's kind of the way she's always been. She's always been a fighter one of the strongest women I know."  

This gave Edith's family and friends even more of a reason to celebrate her special day.

"To see Edith and to see her waving and smiling, it was really special to us," Perchak said. 

"It doesn't matter that it's the worst day outside, it doesn't matter that we can't actually go in and give her a giant hug we wouldn't have missed this for the world because she's just such a great person she's always been there for us and we're always going to be there for her," added Johnson.

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