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Couple Rescues Deer After It Falls into Their Pool

HUNLOCK CREEK — A surprise guest at a home in Luzerne County had one couple saying, “Oh dear!” James and Alicia Angeli found themselves rescui...

HUNLOCK CREEK -- A surprise guest at a home in Luzerne County had one couple saying, "Oh dear!"

James and Alicia Angeli found themselves rescuing a young deer Sunday afternoon after it landed in their pool.

Cell phone video shot by Alicia Angeli shows her trying to calm the young deer after it was rescued from her pool.

Alicia found the deer in the water when she took her dogs outside around one Sunday afternoon in Hunlock Creek.

“I could see the deer's head. That was the only part I could see of him, so then I ran inside and I said, 'There's a deer in the pool,'” said Alicia.

Alicia's husband James came running out. As her camera rolled, James reached into the pool and lifted the deer to safety.

“I started tapping on the pool. He came right over to me like he knew and I just reached in, grabbed him, lift him up, put him on the ground,” said James.

“He just came into action and he went over to the side of the pool and the deer swam right over to him like he knew he was going to pull him and he did,” said Alicia.

In the video, the couple's dog can be seen clearly getting caught up in the excitement, rushing up to the deer.

But the deer, startled, was too cold from the frigid water to run away.

“His rear legs weren't working at all. They were just frozen. He just plopped down and that's when she came out with the towels and stuff,” said James.

“He plopped on the ground and he couldn't get up, so we used that time to put towels and blankets and I laid on top of him for a couple minutes to try to warm him up,” said Alicia.

Soon the deer warmed up and was able to walk.

“I went into the house to get a comforter so I could drape it over him while he was standing there. I guess he was done with our help because he started to charge after me. I was like, 'OK, I'll just leave you alone,'” said Alicia.

Eventually the deer went off into woods, leaving the Angeli's with an unusual Sunday afternoon, caught on camera.

“My first instinct was to go grab my phone and he thought I was calling the neighbor for help, but I wasn't,” said Alicia, laughing.

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