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Despite coronavirus, they keep on trucking

Truck drivers face more challenges than ever on the job.

LUZERNE COUNTY, Pa. — Some truck drivers are struggling with new restrictions because of coronavirus, at a time when their jobs are so critical.

While many are hunkered down at home, truck drivers are still behind the wheels of their rigs, making all-important deliveries. However, it is not business as usual.

"I wear gloves, I wear a mask, I've got a mask in the truck," said Jeffry Infante of Pittston.

"I'm worried about me. I'm working, and I take that virus to my house, and my family gets affected. I'm worried about that," he continued.

Some drivers wear masks and gloves when they handle what they're hauling, and when they stop to fuel up.

There are travel restrictions in some areas because of COVID-19.

There's no place to stop and dine-in either if drivers are hungry. Restrooms are limited at some businesses.

"That's the stuff that worries me is going in and out of the container there in international ports, New York, New Jersey, stuff like that," said Kevin Keyes of Vermont.

Some drivers said they will continue to do their jobs day in and day out because they realize how important it all is.

"If it wasn't for us, nobody would have anything. Everything we do, everything we have from your homes to your cars, we deliver, you know? So it works, just keep trucking, that's all you can do," said Randy Martin of Carbondale.

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