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Coping with anxiety when returning to 'normal'

Anxiety is normal anytime there is change, good or bad.

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. — Right now, Luzerne County is in the governor's 'yellow phase' and many are used to working from home and staying safe. People who work in mental health in Luzerne County say that transition out of working at home could lead to some anxiety.

"Two and a half, three months of one way, that's a long period of time. You get used to it. That does become somewhat normal. Now all of a sudden, there's change. Any time there is change, people respond either positively or negatively," said Tara Vallet with Luzerne County's Mental Health & Developmental Services.

Ron Simon is the chief operating officer at the Children's Service Center. He works in behavioral health for both children and adults. Simon says anxiety isn't something to be ashamed of, especially when there's a shift of your daily routine, like leaving home and returning to work.

"It's natural that anxiety is raising again as people start to go out into the world, slowly but surely they're getting more anxious," explained Simon.

Simon tells Newswatch 16 overcoming your anxiety involves recognizing that you have it, understanding why, and then finding solutions to calm your concerns.

"Be comfortable with the feeling. Know that it's natural, and you should experience it. And then process in your own mind," added Simon.

By talking about it with someone, Simon says a good way to handle COVID-19 related anxiety is to educate yourself on how to stay safe from the virus and then following through on those practices.

"I kind of liken anxiety to a bully. In the sense that it's better to confront that bully than run away from it, so you can confront the bully of anxiety with the facts, and then that helps to wear it down a little bit," said Simon.

If you are looking for someone to talk to about anxiety brought on by any aspect of COVID-19, including returning to work, you can dial 211, and someone there will connect you with the proper resource center in your county.