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Celebrating 4th of July with Harveys Lake parade

America's independence was marked with a parade in Luzerne County Sunday afternoon.

HARVEYS LAKE, Pa. — Like any parade, the one in Harveys Lake starts with a good amount of planning, sometimes months in advance.

"Well, we're having our Memorial Day Parade, which was canceled on Memorial Day, we're having on the Fourth of July for the Sons at American Legion. We use the second anniversary for it, and it looks like it's a beautiful day for it," said Clarence Hogan, Sons of the American Legion.

"We finally have a nice day. It was a shame we didn't have a memorial day, but as usual, Clarence ordered a beautiful day. So here we are for our parade," said Kathleen Bardi, parade-goer.

And of course, there was decoration, "Just some garland, a lot of pinwheels patriotic stickers. streamers, he insists on the streamers every year, and wide-open they make it all the way around the lake," said Susan Wimmer, Harveys Lake.

It's all necessary, of course, to flaunt patriotic spirit for the parade as the folks set up to watch from their boats or from the beach or on the sidewalk.

"I see a lot of people coming to enjoy the parade, and I see a lot of kids sitting here and getting ready to enjoy and see a lot of fire trucks and cars and get some candy," said Nathan Cooper, Harveys Lake.

When asked what they like the most, "About getting the candy," said Eliza Bliss, Harveys Lake. "I like the fire trucks. I love fireworks, and I go to the movies last night," said Nathan Cooper.

But young Nathan agrees the parade was better than the movies with firetrucks, tractors, motorcyclists, and more as they traveled 8.3 miles around the lake.

"Just I guess everyone bringing the community together. We're throwing candy out to the kids and just having a nice sense of fun outside," said Kathleen.

Everyone in and along the parade tell Newswatch 16 they were thankful for the spirit.

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