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Cat shot in Edwardsville

Humane officers are searching for the person who shot a cat in Luzerne County. The cat's owner says it came home injured on Memorial Day.

EDWARDSVILLE, Pa. — Charles Edwards tells Newswatch 16 he rescued this cat, Katie, when she was a kitten and in need of emergency care.

After something happened over the holiday weekend, he and Katie ended up back in the hospital.

"It was Memorial Day was around dinnertime, I came down into the kitchen to open the back door. There's always a cat on the porch wanting to come in or one or two out and to let my dogs out. I have a couple of dogs also," explained Edwards. "And when I opened the door, my cat Katie came hobbling in with her leg dangling and ran right upstairs."

After taking her to a veterinarian, Edwards says he was shown x-rays that showed white areas that are some kind of bullet fragment surrounded by translucent areas that are shattered bone. This is now under investigation by humane officers at the Luzerne County SPCA.

"The leg was shattered so severely that the animal's leg had to be amputated," explained Humane Officer Vickie Van Gorder with the Luzerne County SPCA. "There's no leads that we can go on. I'm hoping that somebody sees this and contacts us. You can reach me at 570-825-4111 ext. 112. If anything if anyone has any leads on this, please contact me. This cat suffered tremendously."

Officials at the SPCA are using this as a reminder for people with pets.

"Please keep a watchful eye, keep them indoors where they are safe and under your care and control, because unfortunately, there is something going on in the Edwardsville area where there are individuals that are being exceptionally cruel," said Executive Director Todd Hevner.

Edwards doesn't believe his cat travels far from his home on Hillside Avenue in Edwardsville and hopes they get answers soon.

"I was devastated. I mean, my pets are very, you know, I love my pets just like any other animal lover would love their pets," said Edwards. "So I was devastated to actually see her hurt, but then when I found out that she had been shot, I mean, that really made me angry."

Edwards says although this is tragic, he's still happy to have Katie alive and in his arms.

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