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Big demand for firewood ahead of cold temperatures

MHW Landscape Supply has been busy with pick-ups and deliveries otherwise, but the subzero forecast is adding to it.

DALTON, Pa. — With thousands and thousands of pieces of firewood ready to go, it has the folks filling up their trucks at MHW Landscape Supply in Dalton only asking one question.

"Got wood?" laughed Mike Aldrich of Tunkhannock.

Manager Tom Caines says he and workers have been busy. 

"I believe wood stoves have come back out of the garage. Just offset the cost," said Caines. "Our sales have increased due to the increase in fuel oil, electricity, and propane all have gone up."

Sub-zero temperatures in the forecast are only adding to it.

"Starts off as soon as we open in the morning at 8. The phone's ringing. We check out our messages, and we have consistently daily just been moving firewood," added Caines.

While MHW delivers, many come in to get their own truckloads, too.

"I have ductless units at home. We just want to be on the safe side and make sure that we have enough to work for, you know, anything extra just to keep us extra warm," said Aldrich.

The motto of many is "better to be safe than sorry."

"I tried to cut down a lot of trees, but not quite enough," said Ramsey Abushady staying in Meshoppen. "And you know, I split them by hand and everything, but we got this cold spell coming up, so I think it's good to have some extra wood, and I'm also I got a plow for the front of my truck, so I'll probably leave some of it in there for some balance."

If you need wood after hours, there's an opportunity to do so using the honor system in Lackawanna County.

Posted by MHW Landscape Supply on Thursday, January 13, 2022

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