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Biden talks campaign, COVID-19 in Luzerne County

Newswatch 16 sat down with the former Vice President and Second Lady to talk about the campaign.

DALLAS, Pa. — Before Biden's drive-in rally event, Newswatch 16 was able to speak with Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden inside the Dallas High School.

Biden spoke primarily about why Luzerne County, a county that could very well determine the next president, should vote for him in November.

First we asked Dr. Biden about what it was like trying to overcome campaigning challenges the wake of COVID-19 and how she and her husband worked to connect with voters this time around.

"I guess the past couple months we've been out on the road and keeping separate schedules and getting out, like you said I was in Luzerne County just a couple days ago so we're continuing to try, you know we're not taking anything for granted and we're getting out there and talking to people," said Dr. Jill Biden, former Second Lady.

Aside from challenges the pandemic presents on a campaign, we asked Joe Biden about what it was like having to spend so much energy campaigning in the area he considers to be home.

"No no I don't feel any frustration at all I think. Look, two times I ran as vice president and we won here handedly and Trump ran on he was going to remember the forgotten man when he ran against Hillary it made me forgotten when he got elected. This area has been battered, this area has been battered. Jobs are down," said Joe Biden.

Even though many are planning to stick with President Donald Trump in Luzerne County to help the local economy out of it's current crisis, Biden thinks he's the President you should trust instead

"We find ourselves in a position where we have you know you got all the small businesses are out of work, they've lost their businesses why? Because he won't get out of a sand trap of his golf course and negotiate a deal with Nancy Pelosi the passed billions of dollars to help small businesses and schools reopen," Biden said. "And so all I'm saying is I just asked the people in this area and all across the country, look at the facts. Look at what he's done. Look at what he's done and ask yourself what's going to change in the next four years if he's President of the United States."

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