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Baking treats at summer camp

Campers at a culinary camp at LCCC learned to slice, dice, sauté, and more.

NANTICOKE, Pa. — "Sprinkles by the handful" was part of the instructions in the cake decorating process as students learned how to bake and decorate cakes during the Luzerne County Community College Kids Culinary Boot Camp in Nanticoke.

For some students, this was the first opportunity to engage in the kitchen and with new friends.

"They are just fantastic," said chef Instructor Kim McLendon. "They are very attentive, they listen, but they're eager to just get back out there and just start cooking and just being amongst their friends."

But many of these chefs say they're here to learn.

"I'm learning a new skill, and it's quite fun to do that because I just like to have like a general knowledge of things," said 14-year-old Luke Colleran of Mountain Top.

"So, I can learn more, and my sister said, 'Yay, maybe you can make eggs then,'" said 10-year-old Cecelia Cain of Mountain Top.

This boot camp is an opportunity for students to learn about cooking and an outlet for creative expression.

"I'm putting on the sprinkles on the peanut butter, add, like, a little pop to it," said Cecelia.

"I'm going to make a giant Oreo by putting the vanilla in the middle and then the chocolate on the outside," explained Luke.

"We allow them to say this is our taste test kitchen. I feel like it gives them that vast knowledge to be able to expand throughout the box and really learn to develop their culinary intuition, which is great," said McLendon.

Earlier this week, the students learned to make salads and pasta. Next up is pizza, followed by a "Chopped"-style competition in Nanticoke.

The camp at LCCC wraps up at the end of the week.