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Accused killer charged with second murder

Harold Haulman was arraigned on the new charges Friday morning. He was charged with criminal homicide in the death of Tianna Phillips.

LUZERNE COUNTY, Pa. — A man who is already facing a murder charge has now been charged with a second homicide in Luzerne County.

Harold Haulman, 42, from Duncannon, was arraigned on the new charges Friday morning. He was charged with criminal homicide in the death of Tianna Phillips, 25, of McClure, Snyder County. Phillips was reported missing to Berwick Police in 2018.

Haulman was charged in December in the death of Erica Shultz, 26, of Bloomsburg.

Phillips was last seen in the 400 block of East 9th Street on July 13, 2018. A friend told police she had come here after fighting with her boyfriend and said that a “Dave” was coming to pick her up later. That’s the last time she was ever seen or heard from.

Friends told police Phillips had been romantically involved with Haulman.

Haulman's wife told police she knew he'd been cheating, but when Phillip's boyfriend called and said he knew it was happening too, the married man became enraged and started saying he was going to kill Phillips or her boyfriend.

During his confession, Haulman told police that he picked up Phillips and took her to a wooded area near Hobbie Road in Luzerne County. He walked into the woods and he told her they were going to build a fire. But instead, as he followed her he struck her over the head with a hammer several times and later slashed her throat with a knife before stabbing her multiple times.

Haulman's wife told police her husband returned to their Duncannon home and confessed to the murder, but she didn't believe him. Haulman later gave her digital images of a deceased female and his wife told police she was shocked and scared.

Haulman’s wife told police that several months after the crime had occurred, she went with him back to the site. She said he wanted to collect some of the evidence there. He took with him, he told police, black trash bags that he then filled with clothing and some of Phillips' body parts. He stashed them in these dumpsters behind the AMC Theaters in Scott Township.

When questioned by police about Phillips' disappearance, Haulman said he never picked her up that night.

Haulman was charged in December of 2020 for the murder of Erica Shultz. Her body was discovered in the same location where Haulman told police he killed Phillips.

Further investigation and interviews led police to Haulman, who's now also been charged with Phillips' murder.

Despite extensive search efforts, Phillips' remains have not been located.

Court papers indicate Haulman met both victims through an online dating app.

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