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16 To The Rescue: Hawk

In this week's 16 To The Rescue we meet a 2-year-old pit bull/mix who needs the right family who can love and respect his quirks.

DALLAS, Pa. — At Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge near Dallas, rescue workers want to find the most extra special home for Hawk, a 2-year-old pit bull/mix with a troubled past.

Hawk needs the right family who is committed to spending the time it will take for him to adjust, and someone who love him for his quirks.

"The family who brings him home is going to have the most loyal dog ever. He loves with all of his heart. He is obsessed with our volunteers. He'll do anything to see the people who loves, to be with the people he loves. He just is a really good dog and he will make any family really happy as long as they're willing to return it all to him," Emma Ripka, Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge, sai.

Hawk was dumped in a wooded area with another dog, probably thrown from a car given his fear of getting in one. 

It took rescue workers several months to catch him; the first time he was caught, Hawk actually escaped from the trap, something rescue workers have never seen before. 

When he was finally brought in back in February, it took a few weeks for Hawk to adjust. 

"When he first came here, he was petrified of life, petrified of everybody, not many people could touch him, he wanted to escape out of his kennel in the worst way," Ripka said.

But now, a few months later, Hawk is so much more comfortable at Blue Chip and with all of the volunteers. 

Still, because of his past and his extreme separation anxiety, he will need someone who is home more than not. 

Hawk was already adopted once a few weeks ago, but it did not work out because of that separation anxiety.

"His perfect home would be a home with no young children. He is afraid of fast movement, loud noises, if the child was to accidentally leave the door open, he would probably take off. He does well with teenagers. He's met numerous, and in his only adoptive home, had a teenager in it. He is good with most large dogs. He seems to like females more but he was also found with a female. He doesn't seem to be the biggest fan of small dogs. He won't go out of his way to hurt them, it's more so he's just not comfortable being around them," Ripka said..

Hawk actually does not even really need a fence in yard. Rescue workers say he clings to you, and would rather just be on a leash with you.

"Not like any dog I've ever met before, he really does have his own personality and he thinks he's a lap dog and he's probably about 80 pounds. He'll do anything to get in your lap. If you touch his little tail, he gets really excited and will scoot around in a circle. He's really funny. He's definitely a quirky dog, but he's one of the best dogs I've ever met," Ripka said.

If you would like to meet Hawk, you can find his adoption information by clicking here.

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