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Local business owner makes her own cleaners, says you can, too

More and more focus on sanitization

WAYNE COUNTY, Pa. — Nicole Molling owns Queen Bee Cleaning Company.

The woman from Wayne County has been cleaning businesses, and as restrictions ease, she has cleaning people's homes again, too.

However, she says finding cleaning products has been tough.

"Everyone is running to the shelves to buy those cleaners, but many people don't know to make these cleaners and disinfectants, most of us have these products in our house already and don't even know. I want people to know I can still clean my house and properly disinfect even though I can't get access to that Lysol or that alcohol that's 70 percent," said Nicole Molling of Queen Bee Cleaning Company.

Molling has been making her own. She uses alcohol that's 70 percent in spritz bottles, hydrogen peroxide and bleach and water to sanitize.

"Cleaning bleach or disinfecting bleach, do not use the Clorox no splash bleach, that does not disinfect at all whatsoever and just make sure you have a bottle strong enough for the bleach," said Molling.

Molling said she follows CDC guidelines when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting, and she thinks many people do not realize what it takes to truly sanitize things. 

She thinks it is important to share what she's learned.

"When it comes to disinfecting: it's not just a spray and a wipe or a Lysol wipe, it needs to sit depending on what it says on the back of the bottle, it needs to sit, and a lot of them say to sit for up to 20 minutes depending on what you're using, so if the surface isn't wet for that amount of time, it's not working, it's not protecting, it's not gonna keep you safe."

Molling said it is key to wash surfaces with soap, dish soap is fine, and water before you disinfect them.

For more on the CDC guidelines, click here.