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Yeti sightings bring cheer, not fear

A local artist gave people in Lackawanna and Wayne Counties a winter treat: various sightings of a 3-foot flat Yeti.

LACKAWANNA COUNTY, Pa. — When Bonnie Black Edwards isn't working her day job in Lackawanna County, she's an artist whose work isn't the traditional kind like that on canvas.

"My favorite art is art that people can go and get a picture with or, you know, not just something that hangs on a wall that nobody sees," Edwards said.

The pandemic put both of her passions on hold, so Edwards says she had to find some sort of creative outlet. One day over the winter, while shoveling snow at home, her inspiration came to her in the form of a Yeti. In about an hour, Bonnie had designed, cut out, and painted the 3-foot character.

"I just thought it'd be fun so that people could drive by since I live on a busy road, and then I was like, well, maybe I'll take a month to see my friend who was the gas station, and then I was like, oh, stop and see the pizza guy, and it just grew from there."

Over the next couple of months, the Yeti crisscrossed his way between Lackawanna and Wayne Counties for people to have sightings of the friendly figure. He brought so much enjoyment, Edwards and the Yeti were invited for various other visits.

"The fire company had me come, the zoo, Claws and Paws had us down there, so people have had a lot of fun with them," Bonnie said.

The Yeti has disappeared, just like most of the snow across our area, but we were lucky enough to take one last photo of the little guy before he heads for colder weather.

Edwards says she has been asked if the Yeti will reappear next year, and she said, "No, but I do think it would be fun next year to make some miniature ones to hide around together, like little Yeti babies."

Bonnie says she'd love to see the Yeti travel to somewhere colder and farther and will be happy to share him with anyone who wants to help him get to his final destination.

If you'd like to help the yeti get there, you can send her a message on her Facebook page found here.