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‘Welcome to Fleetville’ Signs Added Thanks to Young Girl’s Efforts

FLEETVILLE, Pa — Although she is one of Fleetville’s youngest community members, Stella Minick is already making an impact. After a car ride with he...

FLEETVILLE, Pa -- Although she is one of Fleetville's youngest community members, Stella Minick is already making an impact.

After a car ride with her mom earlier this year, 8-year-old Stella saw her community was missing something others around her had proudly displayed.

"We were driving, actually in Clarks Green at Grove Street, on the left-hand side, she saw Clarks Green's 'Welcome to Clarks Green' sign, and it kind of got her wheels turning, 'Hey, why doesn't Fleetville have a sign?'" recalled her mom Amber Minick.

After encouragement from her parents, Stella wrote a letter to Benton Township, which encompasses Fleetvile, to plead her case.

During the township's February meeting, Stella read her letter asking why there were no welcome signs. Township supervisor David Grunza said they were touched by her efforts.

"It really was amazing when she stood up and read the letter and what she wanted to do, and the three of us were really--the three township supervisors--we were blown away by the whole thing," said Grunza.

The next month, Stella returned to the board of supervisors with design ideas for the signs. Then the township let her choose which she liked best.

"I came up with the hot air balloon because hot air balloons go past the house," explained Stella of the green and white sign that is now proudly staked in the ground at the town's entrance.

"They'll launch hot air balloons from the fire hall, from the state parks, so it's not uncommon to see a hot air balloon in Fleetville," added her mom.

After months of hard work, drivers can now see Stella's signs when entering Fleetville. And her parents say they are so proud to see their daughter's vision come to life.

"We're just really proud of her, and really happy that the township was immediately on board supporting us," said Minick.

Her community is proud to see their town put on display.

"As a community, a small community, we are of Fleetville, the sign she put up is amazing. It's just like 'Yeah! That's our identity!'" said Grunza.

You can see the four welcome signs along Route 407 and Route 107 in Benton Township.