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Water main break forces grocery store, car repair shop to temporarily close

Both P&R Discount Grocery and Kost Tire in Archbald have been closed since last Friday.

ARCHBALD, Pa. — A water main break forced two businesses in Sugerman's Plaza to temporarily lock their doors.

Both P&R Discount Grocery and Kost Tire have been closed since last Friday.

Employees at the grocery store said the water main break broke underneath Kost and leaked into their store.

The grocery store had several inches of water flood the floors, and some products were damaged.

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"That's terrible because I rely on their prices and their products. They have a lot of organic foods and paleo-type foods. That's what I came here for," Linda Cannella of Lake Winola said.

Code enforcement has told employees they cannot go into the store to start cleaning because it is a safety hazard.

Engineers have found the break in the water main and are working to fix the problem.

The grocery store does not know when it can reopen.

"Oh, yeah, it hurts everybody. I think we have 60 employees not working right now," Frank Brennan of P&R Discount Grocery said.

Although P&R is closed for the time being, the grocery store is still getting shipments of food. 

To make sure it all stays fresh, the food is being stored in these refrigerated trailers.

"There are all the trailers back there. We had to rent four more trailers to get somewhere to hold all of our product," Brennan said.

While P&R Discount Grocery is closed in Eynon, its location in Edwardsville is open.

Kost Tire has nearby locations for their customers in Carbondale, Scranton, and Clarks Summit.