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University of Scranton requiring vaccinations for returning students

University officials say this will help them relax other rules and allow campus to return to normal, with less disruption from things like testing and quarantines.

SCRANTON, Pa. — The University of Scranton is the latest to join the growing list of schools requiring students to be fully vaccinated before returning to campus in the fall.

When students at the University of Scranton heard they'd be required to get vaccinated before coming back to campus in the fall, many of them were relieved. It means they can get back to business as usual.

"I'm just excited to get back to normalcy. I'm very excited to be in person. I'm very excited to get back to my usual style of learning, which will be very beneficial in the long run," Claire Cardillo said.

"I think the new policy is very important," Kiera Devers said. "I think Scranton made the right choice."

"I was actually pretty surprised when we got the email about it," Makenna Enslin said. "I just thought that most of us are pretty much already vaccinated, and then for those who didn't get vaccinated already probably weren't going to get it at all. I think it's a good thing just so we can get back to normal because obviously, our learning is not the same in the virtual learning atmosphere."

The university recently vaccinated about 1,000 students and faculty members at an on-campus clinic, and hundreds of others have answered surveys saying they are fully vaccinated.

"I haven't really heard of anyone being against it, probably just a little hesitant, that they're concerned about future symptoms. But as time goes on, they're getting more comfortable with the idea as more and more people get it," Taylor Schwartz said.

The seniors who are graduating are happy for those returning next year because they'll get to have more of a normal college experience.

"It definitely would give more people the opportunity to have a more normal year as opposed to what we had the past year and a half," Schwartz said.

State law allows students to request a waiver if they have a medical or religious exemption to getting the vaccine.

Employees right now will not be required to show proof of vaccination, but the university says that could change.