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Workers beating the heat with temps in 80s & 90s

Newswatch 16's Courtney Harrison found some people with jobs where avoiding the heat is nearly impossible.

SCRANTON, Pa. — A hot day with temperatures in the 80s and 90s is not a fun day if your office is outside. Crews doing work along Birney Avenue in Scranton are doing their best to take breaks when they can and rely on heavy equipment while the sun beats down on them.

Workers inside the former credit union on Davis Street are thankful they aren't out baking in the sun, but they aren't escaping the heat remodeling inside either, and that makes the job tough.

"Just trying to keep up your normal pace like you would, and you're just sweating. You can't run around like you normally do on a day like today," Wally Tylutke said.

You can't have air conditioning without electricity, and that's what the workers were installing. In the meantime, they do what they can to cool down and get the job done.

"[I'm] sweaty, drinking lots of water, trying to stay hydrated. It's a challenge, but you've got to work," Sam Gorman said.

"We have fans throughout the building to keep us cool and deal with it. Man up, that's all you've got to do," Tylutke said.

Another hot place to work in the summertime? Inside a restaurant kitchen, like Augustine's Club 17 in Old Forge, where Trinity Gabe was making pizzas.

"We have two big pizza ovens about 500 or 600 degrees each, plus the fryer, the grill, stuff like that," Gabe said.

Trinity said the heat makes her job brutal, but she does her best to drink as much water as she can to keep up with the demand.

"You try to tune it out. People come in and say, 'wow, it's so hot in here.' People don't want to cook at home, so they come to us and get food. So we deal with it," she said.

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